A Martin Baker Mk 3 ejection seat, England, circa 1960

A Martin Baker Mk 3 ejection seat, England, circa 1960


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A fantastic ejection seat made by Martin Baker made for the Royal Air Force Canberra Jet which were in operation in the early 1960s. This superbly detailed, highly polished ejection seat with bespoke leather seat is now a fully functional chair. The English Electric Canberra was a first generation jet powered light bomber, capable of high altitude flight, making it a perfect tactical nuclear strike bomber. The Canberra was retired from service from the RAF in 2006, 57 years after its first flight.

Martin Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd. is a British manufacturer of ejection seats and safety-related equipment for aviation. The company's origins were originally as an aircraft manufacturer before becoming a pioneer in the field of ejection seats. The company claimed in 2016 that since the first live ejection test in 1946, a total of 7,545 lives have been saved by the company's ejection seats. This seat is a Mk 3 seat, decommissioned, reconditioned and now ready to find a new home. It has to be one of the most eye-catching pieces, a focal point for any room and a conversation piece like no other.  

Condition: reconditioned, perfect

Dimensions: 148cm high, 50cm wide, 80cm deep