A Chinese export silver tea set, early 20th century

A Chinese export silver tea set, early 20th century


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An antique early-20th Century rare Chinese export solid silver impressively large, five piece tea set, comprising of a hot water kettle on stand, teapot, covered sugar bowl, milk jug and sugar tongs, each body is embossed with a lovely bamboo-leaf design on matted ground, hollow handles and spout modeled as bamboo branches. Each piece is engraved with the previous owners initials V.F.U. The set is particularly large and fine, complete Chinese silver services such this are extremely rare and sought after. Each piece is Hallmarked with Chinese silver marks (acid tested they show a 900+ standard purity), tea set hallmarked with the silversmith mark C.J.Co (China Jewelery Company, Shanghai, 1880-1940) and the kettle by the retailer LUENWO (Shanghai, 1880-1940). For more information please see A. Von Ferscht, Chinese Export Silver 1785-1940, 4th edition 2015).

Condition: perfect

Dimensions and weights:
Kettle: 32cm high, Width: 21cm wide x 20cm deep; weight: 1210 grams
Teapot: 16cm high, 28cm wide, 16cm deep; weight: 680 grams
Sugar bowl: 13cm high, 19cm wide, 11cm deep; weight: 370 grams
Cream jug: 10cm high, 14cm wide, 10cm deep; weight: 235 grams
Sugar tongs: 13cm wide,; weight: 50 grams