A large narwhal tusk, circa 1978, with Cites certificate

A large narwhal tusk, circa 1978, with Cites certificate


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NB. Narwhal specimens taken under licence by the People of Greenland are treated as being in Annex B of the Regulations rather than Annex A. The Danish certificate in hand indicates that this is an Annex B Specimen. It is unusual for an Annex B specimen to be issued with an Article 10 certificate as these are usually only issued for Annex A species. Therefore there is no need to apply for a new certificate from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) to sell this tusk although we will supply the purchaser with a copy of the Danish certificate to show that this is an Annex B specimen and an Article 10 is not required.

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Beautiful narwhal tusk from the late 70s (with Cites certificate), 222cm long and approximately 4.4kg in weight, mounted on an elegant maple stand to be wall hung either horizontally or vertically. Some medieval Europeans believed narwhal tusks to be the horns from the legendary unicorn. As these horns were considered to have magic powers such as neutralising poison and curing melancholia, Vikings and other northern traders were able to sell them for many times their weight in gold. The tusks were used to make cups that were thought to negate any poison that may have been slipped into the drink. In 1555 Olaus Magnus published a drawing of a fish-like creature with a horn on its forehead correctly identifying it as a "Narwhal". During the 16th century Queen Elizabeth I received a carved and bejewelled narwhal tusk worth 10,000 British Pounds (the cost of a castle) from Sir Humphrey Gilbert who proposed the tusk was from a "sea-unicorn". The tusks were staples of the cabinet of curiosities. European knowledge of the tusk's origin developed gradually during the Age of Exploration as explorers and naturalists began to visit Arctic regions themselves.

Condition: perfect

Dimensions: tusk itself is 222cm long