Elegant Louis Vuitton trunk in woven canvas

Elegant Louis Vuitton trunk in woven canvas


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Around the turn of the 19th and 20th century Louis Vuitton had established himself as a market leader in trunk making and needed to set his now famous brand apart from the imitators and competitors. They decided to come up with a logo, a monogram, which was indeed the famous and very recognisable print we are so familiar with today. The very first run was only made for about six years and the print was woven into the canvas.

This example dates to around 1900 and is a perfect example of such trunks. With its steel trim, brass studs and locks it still shows the same elegance as it did well over 100 years ago and is a testament to the durability of the best trunk maker in the world. Today it makes for a wonderful piece of interior design, both decorative and useful.

Condition: some wear and tear consistent with age but overall very good. 

Dimensions: 80cm wide, 50cm deep, 57cm high