A pair of anti-aircraft binoculars, Germany, circa 1940

A pair of anti-aircraft binoculars, Germany, circa 1940


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Exceptional 20th Century WWII German Joseph Schneider Steel observation telescope binoculars on a later telescopic stand. This model was originally designed by Emil Busch and it has been adopted by the military in 1936. The model is suitable for both day and night time observation and the direction line of fire from artillery. Various adjustable dials in working conditions. The side is stamped D.F. 10 x 80, dkl 33553. The piece has been professionally polished and mounted on a stunning old telescopic wooden tripod stand. A very decorative and stylish item, perfect for a modern apartment. 

Condition: excellent

Dimensions: height (maximum with open stand):  162cm binocular length: 37cm, binocular width: 27cm