Locking tantalus, England, early 20th century

Locking tantalus, England, early 20th century


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An elegant locking tantalus, England, early 20th century. The word “tantalize“ comes from the plight of the mythological Tantalus, who so offended the gods that he was condemned in the afterlife to an eternity of hunger and thirst. He was made to stand in a pool in Tartarus, the Underworld zone of punishment. In the late 19th and early 20th century spirits such as Scotch, Brandy, Gin were expensive and were kept locked away from the servants of the household. However the fact that they were so visible gave its name “tantalus“ to these items which often would carry two or three decanters. These decanters are in great condition made with cut crystal glass. An extremely elegant manner to treat your guests and a great conversation piece.

Condition: excellent

Dimensions: 34cm wide, 29cm high, 13cm deep