Exceptional Louis Vuitton “Encyclopaedia” trunk with customised humidor fitted interior, circa 1910

Exceptional Louis Vuitton “Encyclopaedia” trunk with customised humidor fitted interior, circa 1910


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Extract from the book ‘100 Legendary Trunks’ by Louis Vuitton: “What would you take to read on a desert island?” No one dares to answer “the Encyclopaedia Britannica.” And yet this staggering survey of knowledge and science, still considered the most complete and best researched in the world, constantly revised and updated, would be useful way to pass the time of the day and improve the mind. And you don’t need to rack your brain to figure out a way to take it with you: Louis Vuitton has already taken care of that. He did so in 1910, when the encyclopaedia’s publisher, associated with Cambridge University, placed and order for 1000 trunks. The trunks were ordered a year in advance of the eleventh edition of the Britannica and would be used to deliver the completely revised edition to subscribers.”

So this trunk was specially made for the Encyclopaedia Britannica by Louis Vuitton and made in a very limited number. Few survive to this day in such good condition and this trunk has had a full interior overhaul to make it a wonderful conversation piece and a must have item for a cigar aficionado with a passion for vintage trunks. This is a unique piece, the lid lifts to reveal a handmade and hand finished humidor in Spanish cedar wood (with sponge humidifying filter system) and removable central humidifier, the exterior of which polished to a grade of 100gloss all of which made by the finest Italian craftsmanship.

Condition: some very light wear and tear to the exterior but nothing of note, interior as new.

Dimensions: 90cm wide, 34cm deep, 27cm high. Removable humidor inside measures 40cm wide, 26cm deep, 17cm high