Fantastic early 20th century Goyard wardrobe trunk

Fantastic early 20th century Goyard wardrobe trunk


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A very elegant early 20th century wardrobe trunk by the world renowned maker Goyard. Over recent years the brand has been relaunched and has taken the world of fashion by storm. The original E. Goyard firm was a trunk maker which rivalled Louis Vuitton and the trunks it made at the time ooze the same quality and finesse as its (now) more famous competitor. Covered in the famous chevron Goyard pattern, the brass hardware and lozine trim, this model was the highest spec available from Goyard. The yellow and blue recognition stripes most likely denote the colours of a noble family crest. One of the most unusual models of Goyard trunks to come on the market, the flip top mechanism allowed the owner to reach for accessories without the need for opening the whole trunk. It’s a truly wonderful piece of luggage and a testament to the trunk makers.

Condition: Goyard trunks tend not to have stood the test of time as well as some of their contemporary rivals. As such it is rare to find a trunk in such good condition with only a couple of small areas of canvas missing near the base of the door and a bit of wear on some one of the lozine corners, not something that detracts in any way to the overall beauty of the trunk.

Dimensions: 33cm deep x 92cm high x 55 wide