Very unusual Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunk, circa 1930

Very unusual Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunk, circa 1930


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A most unusual Louis Vuitton trunk with the world famous LV monogram canvas, lozine trim and brass fittings. The size of this trunk would be unusual enough but what makes it stand out from any other wardrobe is that it has been designed to lay flat and hinged to the side so it opens at a 90 degree angle. Possibly one of the rarest wardrobes by Louis Vuitton to be found with its complete interior it is without a doubt a conversation piece as well as something useful for the home as storage and as a coffee table thanks to its unusual (and very practical) height of 40cm once laid flat.

Condition: lacking handles, couple of the inside tags are missing, otherwise very good condition.

Dimensions: 55cm wide, 40cm high, 110cm long